About us

Let’s work together

Cyclone Land Development was founded in 1985 with a goal of providing service with excellence to the construction industry in the Southeast.

More than three decades later, Cyclone continues its most capable pursuit through the coordinated efforts within each division of their operation. The Cyclone Team achieves this success through several key areas within our company. Safety is first and foremost our top priority. Continuing education and self-improvement are vital foundations for Cyclone.

Estimating is at the forefront of Cyclone.  Through the use of the latest technology, we can provide the most accurate cost estimates available.  We have the knowledge and experience to provide budgets and schedules for commercial, industrial and residential projects. We have the ability to analyze and evaluate plans in any stage of development – from preliminary sketches to final permitted drawings – to determine the most cost-effective methods of construction.

The most visible part of Cyclone is our field operations department encompassing a talented and experienced workforce. Qualified and skillful project managers and field superintendents monitor each phase of a project from startup to finished product, continually interfacing with field supervisory staff and the client to ensure the seamless completion of each job.

The information hub of Cyclone is our Accounting and Cost Control Department. Our responsibility is to efficiently and effectively communicate necessary information.  We are equipped to link field operations into costing to produce seamless billing. Real-time information is always available for each and every phase of the project to guarantee efficient organization and productivity.

Our expert project management and field staff utilize the latest equipment and technology to build your site on time and on budget.

Our business development department seeks to build new client relationships and nurture existing, valued customers.

The founders of Cyclone Land Development believe that our company manual was written over two thousand years ago, and the words contained in it would be the guidance for our company and our daily lives.